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School is back in session, and kids are transitioning from summer break to school learning. It's not always easy to get back in the swing of things, but here are a few tips to help you prepare for school.

Grab a few school supplies early

It seems counterintuitive to get supplies before you have the list. But, it's safe to say your kids will need pencils, pens, paper, as well as several more items at the beginning of each year. Hit the sales before school starts and get a few of the basics. Your kids will be prepared, and you can avoid going to the store in the middle of a mad supply-buying rush.

Planning ahead is a great way to start off the year. Prep an area for the kids to come home and get started on their homework. Make sure the desks are clean, ready, and stocked with needed supplies. No one likes to sit down to a messy desk, so help the kids keep it neat and organized each day. Once they get home, offer them a snack, and get a few of the wiggles out, so they can start on their homework and feel accomplished before dinner.

Start the bedtime routine a week early

During the summer months, kids tend to stay up later and sleep in longer. It's easier to get them in the habit of going to bed early at least a week before school starts. When going to bed early, they are more likely to want to climb out of bed in the morning, without all the grogginess.

Attend the school's open house

Often, anxious children need to go to the school and meet the teacher before school starts. Helping them find their way to the classroom will allow them to be more confident on the first day of school. If children know what to expect, they are less likely to feel anxious about school. Attending the open house is also an excellent way to find out about school activities, meet new friends, and be able to explain things to your young ones that they might not understand about their new classroom or school.

Set out clothes the night before

It's important to set clothes out the night before. If you're missing sock, a shoe, or another article of clothing, you will have time to find them at night, instead of racing around in the morning searching for things that might make you late. Your children can even go as far as planning out what they are going to wear for the entire week.

Make lunches the night before

It's better to prepare lunches the night before and keep them refrigerated. You can even make snack packs for the entire week. Carrots, pretzels, celery, and items that can be kept in baggies, can be stored and grabbed easily. Sometimes, children can be extra groggy and slower in the morning, especially the first week of school, and reluctant to pack a lunch. Getting lunches ready the night before is always a good way to prepare for school and saves time in the morning.

Grab some downtime after school

Starting school can be stressful for many kids. Once the children get home from school, give them a little time to destress, relax, and just have fun. After sifting in school all day, kids want to run off the wiggles. Having some downtime allows children to burn off some energy before starting homework for the night.

Starting school is a very exciting time, but can easily turn into a stressful situation. If you are prepared, your family can avoid a lot of worry. Being prepared at home helps a child show up prepared and ready to learn at school.

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