What mustard seed crafts can you make with children?

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The principle of the mustard seeds is found in Matthew 17:19-20 and Luke 17:5-6 of the Bible. The mustard seed is a very small seed, but grows into a large plant. The point of Jesus’ lesson was that even a little faith can produce large results. Children can learn that what they do matters and they can a big difference. Crafts help children remember the lesson of the mustard seeds.

Bookmark Crafts

Create bookmarks to help children remember the lesson of the mustard seed. As Jesus reached out to others, they can reach out, knowing a small kindness will be blessed. Create bookmarks from plain, unlined index cards. For longer bookmarks, cut 8 ½ inch long and 3 inch wide strips from construction paper. For a sturdier bookmark, cut them from cardstock. Provide packets of mustard seeds. Ask the children to print one of the mustard seed passages onto the bookmark. Especially if using this craft for younger children, print out the passage you wish to use and let the children to simply glue in place. With the seeds the children can create a cross, drawing the shape and gluing on mustard seeds. The children might also use the seeds to create a frame around the edges of the bookmark.

Jewelry Crafts

Help the children remember the lesson about the mustard seeds with jewelry they create themselves. Start with a cross shape from foam or cardstock five inches long. Add the reference to one of the mustard seed passages. Punch a hole in the top and add a ribbon tie to wear around the neck. Decorate the cross shape with the mustard seeds. Cut 3 high inch ovals, one for each child Cut a hole in the center and have each child glue a personal picture behind the hole. On the front side, let the children create a frame around their pictures with the mustard seeds. Attach a pin to the back for them to wear their mustard seed creations. Add a chain or ribbon through the pin to wear the oval as a pendant.

Picture Crafts

Before class, place mustard seeds in different jars and add food coloring for red, blue, green and yellow until the mustard seeds absorb the color. Drain and dry the seeds. Print out a picture of Jesus talking to his disciples about the mustard seed principle for each child. Let the children “color” the picture by gluing different colors of mustard seeds to the picture. Instead of coloring the mustard seeds ahead of time, let the children glue them on, then “color” them with paint. Also provide cotton balls for clouds and various colors of yarn to create a frame around the edges of their mustard seed pictures.

Grow Mustard Seeds

Use the lesson of the mustard seeds to point out even kids can do kind things that make a difference. Give each child a little pot and help them fill it with potting soil. Give each child a packet of mustard seeds and show them how to plant them in the pots. Water and place in full sunlight. Once the plants sprout, let the children take their mustard plants home for a reminder of the lesson. You can also start with small plants and let the children water and watch them grow until they are too large for the small pots. Let the children take the plants home to replant.

Lessons based on the principles of the mustard seed are enhanced by interactive mustard seed crafts.

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